HYDRALAB database
As part of the wider HYDRALAB IV project, I have been involved in editing a comprehensive critical review of the interaction between benthic organisms and physical processes in aquatic environments. This is now published as an edited book here.

I also compiled an online database of academic articles that focus on the modification of aquatic environments by macroinvertebrates. There are currently 2351 entries, each representing a published academic article and covers 120 years of study and over 800 species. Each entry contains reference, methodological and georeferencing information. This allows the database to visualised on a Google.Map, such as that shown at the bottom of this page. The database can be accessed here as a Google.Document. By following the link, the database can be also downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on 'file' and then selecting 'download as'.

The database uses up-to-date taxonomic names according to the World Register of Marine Species and, as a result, names may differ from those published in the original source. A spreadsheet listing current and former taxonomic names, in addition to common names and links to other information can be found here, also as a Google.Doc. Whilst I will endeavour to keep the database up-to-date, I will have undoubtedly missed some relevant articles. Please feel free to contact me (M.Johnson@nottingham.ac.uk) if you know of missing, relevant articles or can provide information currently missing from the database.
A signal crayfish

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The map above shows the location of the field sites in the database. Consequently, each red marker represents the location of a site where macroinvertebrates have been found to alter aquatic environmental processes.